Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linoluna?

Linoluna is an online boutique design store for all things Scandinavian, retro and vintage. Our team hand-picks goods and objects with original and unique designs from independent artisans and shops both locally and internationally. Most of our items are hand-made and a small fraction of them are mass-produced but involve a great deal of hand-crafting of all kinds, e.g. painting, illustrating, carpentry, pottery, sewing, add leather-crafting during the designing and manufacturing process.

Can I visit your store?

You already are. Linoluna operates solely online so here is our store. We take orders via the web store, phone, email, and social media. Chances are we’ve already got you covered. Wouldn’t you just love shopping from the comfort of your couch?

What kind of goods do you sell?

In a nutshell, we sell home decor items, paper goods, wearable items and accessories for men, women, kids and babies. Our home decor category comprises a selection of throw cushions, posters, stretched canvases, mugs and bowls. Our paper goods are mostly greeting cards, gift wraps and stationery. We also sell fabric and leather crafts such as bags and shoes. We add new items regularly so please subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated.

Where are the origins of your items?

Some of the favourite countries from which we source our items are Sweden, Denmark, Canada, the United States of America, Indonesia and of course, the United Kingdom. All our items are brand new and distributed under licences and authorisations from the artisans and manufacturers.

What does the word ‘Linoluna’ mean?

‘Linoluna’ represents a man and a woman, the two sides of a coin, how things in the world are two-sided and each one always complements the other. Both ‘lino’ and ‘luna’ are derived from Latin and the words exist in Spanish, Italian and English. ‘Lino’ means linoleum or flax, from which we can gather textile fibres. It is also a popular male name in Spanish-speaking countries. ‘Luna’ means the moon and is a popular female name in Spanish-speaking countries.

How do I shop?

We’ve made the effort of making everything as straightforward as possible. You start with browsing the store, adding the items of your choice to the shopping cart, checking out your order by filling contact and address details, and paying for your order. Once your payment is cleared, we will deliver your order to your shipping address.

Do I have to sign up prior to ordering?

No, you can shop as a guest. However we strongly recommend that you sign up for an account so we can keep records of your contact and address details. Placing a subsequent order will be a breeze as all the bits and pieces about your and your address are already available the moment you sign back in.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and credit card payments. Please refer to the Payment Methods page for further details.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Once your payment is cleared, your order will be shipped out within the estimated dispatch time that is stated on every product page. Please refer to the Shipping and Delivery page for further details.

I’m not happy with the product I’ve received. How do I return it?

If our product does not meet your expectation, you can return it to us within 7 business days. The item should be in its original condition, unwashed, unused and accompanied by its original receipt. Please refer to the Shipping and Delivery page for further details.

I own a shop and I want to stock your items and/or purchase them wholesale.

Thank you very much for your interest and we’d be very happy to accommodate your enquiry. Please go to the Wholesale and Trade page and complete the form. We will be in contact within 2 x 24 hours.